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Bundy is an integrated authoritative DNS and DHCP server. In truth, it is more than that. Bundy is an application framework for internet infrastructure. It is the continuation of the BIND 10 effort that started at ISC in 2009 to create a new generation of DNS and DHCP servers.

The Bundy-Project is committed to developing a stable and secure DNS and DHCP server that is equally easy to extend and understand. Bundy supports IPv4, IPv6, DNSSEC and strives to quickly support the latest IETF RFC standards.


The project is currently working on fixing up some loose ends in the code inherited, clean the code, and to get the initial infrastructure up and running to support the first Bundy release.

The project team welcomes everyone that has interest in using, sponsoring and working on the Bundy code. We have setup mailing lists to coordinate the work on the project.